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Prepare for Your Visit

Clinical evaluation by your Seattle facial rejuvenation and enhancement surgeon is one of the most important steps in your facial plastic surgery experience. Your initial consultation provides you the opportunity to discuss your concerns and questions and to establish an honest working relationship with your surgeon. It is important for you to choose a surgeon with whom you are comfortable and have a good rapport. Your desires should be clearly communicated to the surgeon and, in turn, the surgeon has to ensure that your expectations are realistic.

Computer imaging may be utilized at the consultation, as it is a great tool in the communication process. It can help you visualize the potential changes, as well as help the surgeon to communicate to you what is and isn't achievable through surgery.

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Stella Desyatnikova, M.D.

Doctor Stella Desyatnikova

Meet Dr. Stella, a board-certified Facial Plastic Surgeon and Otolaryngologist who is committed to enhancing natural beauty and creating an appealing, harmonious look.

Meet Dr. Stella Request Your Consultation

Fees and Scheduling

Our cosmetic consultation fee with Dr. Stella is $50.00, with the exception of a Rhinoplasty (nose job) Consultation, which is $75.00. Fees are due upon arrival on the date of service.

Scheduling a surgical case will require a nonrefundable deposit of $500. This will be credited towards your surgery. Payment for surgery is due at the pre-operative examination or 3 weeks prior to the operation, whichever comes first.

Missed Appointment and Cancellation Policy

At our Seattle facial plastic surgery center, we require a 24 hour notice for all cancellations. Our office will charge $50.00 for missed appointments and late cancellations. You will be billed directly by our office.

Please review our financial Information for more information.

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